Beach Towel

The choice of the materials used to represent our beach towels wasn’t left to chance.
The uses of these soft beach towels date back to Histories of millennial trades, which first raged in the Eastern Zone and later in the Western one until they finally landed in Europe.
We’re talking about an handcrafted fiber produced with traditional weaving; this is an exclusively 100% cotton product combined in different models, variants and colors.
Beach Chic main features are lightness, softness and practicality. Their versatility makes them suitable for the sea and the pool, as beach towels and beach wraps; at home you can use them as bath towels, furnishing cloths and table cloths for outdoor furniture; when you go camping, you can use them as towels to dry yourself, to lay down or simply to have lunch.
The long intact fabric and colors preservation in all weather conditions and their small sizes, make the Beach Chich towels an handy gift idea to give or to get.
Choose your Beach Chic towel!