Our History

History narrates that in the early decades of the 20th century in Gibralter, there was a young Italian weaver at the court of Gonzago, a Spanish Marquis, who was charged with weaving all the tapestry of the Palace.
To fulfill her task, she would often go to the mercantile harbor, one of the most important crossroads of textile merchants from around the globe entering Europe, and here she would wait for the ships to throw anchor and unload their textiles, to deliver to the Peoples Market.
With silk, rich brocades, cotton, linen canvas, and Fouta, the young woman dedicated herself completely to the work.
One morning, she want to the market to look for material she could use for her work, when her eyes fell on a young French merchant who kindly proposed a lace to her: unique in its genre, elegant, refined and easy to manipulate.
After a first look, the merchant was struck by the woman’s beauty and said he would give her all the lace he had with him on condition that she would consent to see him every time he stopped in Gibraltar.
The young woman agreed, and an intense love affair began, the sea as their background.

One day, after a violent seastorm, the weaver went to the harbor but waited for her lover in vain.
Again and again she returned to the harbor, but no word concerning his disappearance.
In the mean time, she delivered her work to the Marquis; ecstatic about the beauty of her tapestry, the Marquis proposed she follow him to Italy to do the same for his summer Palazzo.
Her lover gone, without having reasons to remain, the young woman departed with the Marquis and his family to this picturesque town overlooking the Adriatic Sea, and resumed her work. Every day, early in the morning, before starting to weave, the woman would descend to the beach, and gazing out across the sea the the horizon, she thought about her young merchant. One morning, however, while walking along the seashore, collecting seashells, the sea churned up a most singular bottle with a colored cloth and a note.
The woman examined the bottle and cleaned it thoroughly. When she opened it, there was a cloth she recognized as a piece of colored lace her lover had donated her; clutching it, she read the message:


The woman smiled, and through a local vendor, managed to obtain more lace and textiles she used to create costumes inspired by the sea, the words of her loved one, and the elegance of her artisanal craftsmanship which made each piece so unique and rare.
She decided to settle down in that corner of paradise that had given back her a sense of peace and serenity, but every day she would descend to the sea to hear the sea speak yo her, and impress upon her words that would travel across the globe to brighten the days of women, in memory of their lost love the sea rendered eternal.
And from this antique tradition “Beach Chic” was born, a beach collection that distinguishes itself for its continuous search for the best cloth; unique pieces entirely crafted by hand by skilled artisans, respectfull of the environment packaged in a bottle, each containing an exclusive message for each woman who, on descending to the beach, feels unique without renouncing their own individual style.
Beach Chic offers a collection of beachwear which is slowly expanding, each featuring a most singular print and design, items ranging from women’s bathing suits, to beach towels, to bags, and the famous Espradrillas.
Discover our products, and help us write the ongoing saga of this wonderful story!